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Mobile Application: Future of SaaS

By B24 E Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Mobile Application: Future of SaaS

10/14/2013 The inception of iPhones in market has created such a buzz, in terms of every aspect of smart-phones. Be it technology, usages, purpose, extensibility, iPhone advent has caused quit a new arena on every sector and how we approach towards it. When Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone way back in June, 2007, none could have thought it will create a new trend in how we share or consume the information. But for sure, it created a new era of mobile operating systems and applications. In recent past other major software player, Google has also joined the bandwagon with its own mobile device operating system Android. Google has taken the revolution on step ahead, by creating Android which is compatible not only for communication mobile telephony devices but for other devices. We are already seeing new advanced gadgets with these sophisticated and super advanced operating systems.
At the dawn, 21st century was named century of INFORMATION. Now let me take us a bit back in our life. Imagine how we used to look for any information we needed. We used to queue up at library to get any information we needed. Then by the help of Mr. Tim Berners-Lee and team, we got INTERNET, and we started getting the information sitting at home via World Wide Web, or internet. Past decade has moved us a step more ahead, with the advent of Smart-phones now we get the information on the go.

SaaS, or Software as service is one of the most data critical area, where timely access to data is very much important. With accent of Smart-phone applications, SaaS has reached a new height. Mobile application based software services, be it email, Calendars, CRMS, Contacts or Business Application is gaining its user base with alarming rapidity. Each service providing enterprise is, trying to tap this new and vastly growing group of mobile users, none want to be left out in this race.

If we try to access the reasons of this rapid growth in this segment, major factor is option of being able to access the information on go and rapidly enhanced software and hardware interfaces of the smart-phone which are growing on itself, with each passing day. Information consumers with the option to utilize their free time or travel time for data access are finding it more easy as well effective.
We at B24 e Solutions, has been in the mobile application development from its inception, be it iPhone or Android, B24 has been the forerunner in the forte of SaaS as well as other type of applications of Mobile devices. Do leave us words for further details on our portfolio or fur further information.

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