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HTML5: The New Era of Web

By B24 E Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

09/06/2013 Today, gathering information has become very easy. The way of representation of info on the website has enriched the knowledge of people. This has become possible because of the flexibility that has been provided to the designers for creating an efficient, interactive and powerful applications by introducing the revised version of standard markup language i.e. - HTML5.

HTML5 is the latest version of the HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). This new version has introduced a new and magnificent way of designing and implementing the web pages. Introduction of new semantic features and with the addition of new elements has enriched the semantic value of the website as well as website interface.

HTML5 has following advantages:

  • Today, websites has become very interactive with the introduction of audio, video and graphics. Earlier plug-ins was needed to embed any audio or video into the site. But HTML5 has introduced the new semantic features to embed the audio, video, graphics, images, animations and other multimedia files without using and plugin or any other third party applications.
  • HTML5 has introduced Geo-location Support feature APIs that helps to locate the place. This feature is directly supported by HTML5.
  • HTML5 provides a simple, neat and clean code by eliminating the redundant tags and combining or grouping it under one semantic feature.
  • HTML5 provides a clear and improved semantics that is easy to understand and implement. It is easy to distinguish between header, footer, navigation etc. as their meaning and purpose is clearly reflecting with improved and meaningful semantics.
  • HTML5 provides the facility to the developers to mark the pages that would be cached i.e. pages will remain in the cache memory and will be able to be reloaded even if there is no internet connection.
  • HTML5 enables us to store client side data into a SQL based database temporarily so as to replace the headache of cookies that was affecting the response time very much.
HTML5 is now an infant technology which needs appropriate development for its complete growth. It is a new revised technology that is emerging out slowly but it promises for an improved and well featured technology that will encourage the developers to develop better and advanced applications with stand-alone support of this language only.

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