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5 Web Development Trends You Cannot Miss In 2020

By Softuvo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

5 Web Development Trends You Cannot Miss In 2020

05/05/2020 Every year we witness new changes in the web world, and this year is no new! A responsive website can make a huge impact on your users and create an effective online presence. The past few years have seen a lot of changes including - responsive websites, chatbots, and a lot more. Keeping up with web development trends is really important if you want to get an edge over the competitors. This year is no new, there will be a lot on the plate to be served. Want to know what all will be trending this year? Check out the web development trends to follow this year.

Web Development Trends That You Cannot Miss In 2020

Progressive Web Apps

According to recent stats, it has been observed that more than 85% of people spend time using apps on mobile phones. So, you must know that you cannot ignore this trend. But what are progressive apps? Are they different from the other ones? Well, these apps are web pages that look just like the mobile apps to the users. The progressive apps provide native-like experience and the user will feel using a mobile application. The best part of using these apps is if they are preloaded on the device, you can use it without the internet connection too.

It has also been reported that websites that take longer than 3 seconds to load are usually skipped by the users. Well, that issue is perfectly solved by progressive web apps. These apps are a perfect blend of native and web apps and give the users a seamless experience without even installing the app.


Ever since chatbots have been introduced to the market, they have been the talk of the town. They have enhanced customer interaction without the need for humans. And, it is predicted that more than 86% of the customer interactions by 2021 will be done using the chatbots. There are several types of chatbots, some of them are created to answer the simple questions while others are used to answer even the tough ones with ease. Integrating chatbots will help in making your site more appealing and attracting more website traffic. As we know, customers want a quick response, and chatbots are really impactful and help in providing quick responses to the customers.

The main focus of the development process is to enhance the user experience. Chatbots have made a strong place in building the brand-customer relationship. Chatbots help in solving customer queries and increase better engagement. So, if you want to reach wider audiences, then missing on chatbots will not be an ideal choice.

Responsive Websites

Yes, there are many web development trends that are hitting the market every year, but some are constant. Responsive websites are the biggest trend ever since they have been out in the market and will continue to be one in the coming years. Responsive web design has become a must-have in the web world. The studies revealed that more than 50% of the website traffic comes from the responsive website. So, giving this trend a consideration is essential. You obviously don’t want your competitors to take a lead over your business.

Many businesses do create excellent websites for their business, but they fail to meet the mobile needs. Yes, it is really important for the brands to keep a mobile-first approach. People are more likely to open a webiste on their phones rather than other platforms. So, when creating the website design, it is important to keep in mind the mobile audience and ensure to provide them with an effortlessly smooth mobile experience.

Voice-Search Optimization

We are living in a fast-paced world and meet up with the current tech trends is of utmost importance for the businesses. Voice-search optimization is a big web development trend that you need to follow in 2020. Gone are the days wh.en people used to type the whole keywords on the search engines, now technology has revolutionized the way people search for things on the internet. They want quick and smart solutions to their queries.

The evolution of technology has lead to voice search assistants like - Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. The user who is looking for quick results will ask these voice assistants to elaborate on the details. These have been proved to be quick, efficient in providing results, and are widely used by people to get information. So, if you are planning to create a new website or remodel your old one, voice search optimization is worth implementing.

Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity

One of the biggest hurdles in web development is data breaching. We commonly hear about websites getting hacked and this is the reason why website security should be the topmost concern for the developers. This is where cybersecurity comes in! The trend helps in preventing cyber threats and make your website secure. More and more are spending on cyber-security to secure their business and provide the users with a seamless web experience.

Artificial Intelligence has turned out to the future of cyber-security as it is helping the developers to keep a check on the cyber crimes and accessing them with ease. Obviously, a developer cannot key an eye on every posing threat, they are humans only! But, technology can do wonders! Artificial Intelligence can act like robots and are more likely to detect any threat. Sounds, amazing, isn’t it?

Wrapping Up!
Creating a website is not rocket science, but a great website needs something unique. So, if you are planning to create a fast, strong, and smart website, then make sure you keep up with the web development trends. Pay attention to these trends and lookout for ways to implement these effectively. Technology never fails to impress, and so does the trends. Understand your audience and provide them with enhanced user experience. The year 2020 needs more futuristic and innovative integrations that can give you an edge over your competitors. What are you wondering? It’s time for some web-evolution! Start now! Contact us today

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