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Which is the better option: Analogue Cameras or IP Cameras?

By Securitykart

Which is the better option: Analogue Cameras or IP Cameras?

10/10/2017 Video surveillance brings on the table great, effective, and reasonably priced security solutions for both housing and commercial areas. Technological world has been many revolutions in last few years and the variety of security cameras available in the market have made video surveillance a very advantageous and efficient security option. It is quite easy to use and customize them as per your requirements.
At first video surveillance used to apply analogue technology for closed circuit television or CCTV, or capturing videos on video tapes. However, this technique was not capable of transmitting the live footage of the event at the time when it took place. As a result, it was not a very convenient mode of video surveillance, especially when you needed the footage instantaneously. Furthermore, CCTV technology needed transfer of data manually and it needed the change of tapes on regular basis, and even the quality of the picture was not that great.

Analogue CCTV Camera System

An analogue CCTV camera system begins with a charged couple device i.e. CCD image sensor and at that point transformation of the images into a digital format takes place for further processing. However, before the video can be transmitted to other device, it must be changed back in an analogue form, so that the analogue devices like video recorder and closed-circuit television can get the videos.

IP Camera System

An internet protocol or IP camera system is a type of digital video camera system that sends and takes delivery of the information using a computer system and Internet. IP camera transmits the video in the form of digital streaming through an IP network for instance WAN, LAN, Internet, or Intranet. IP cameras bring together the abilities of cameras and some computer arrangement; as a result, they do not need a direct tangible connection to transfer the video. It means that you can place the IP Camera anywhere inside the range of the network.

Difference Between IP Camera & Analogue CCTV Camera

Quality of the Video

An IP camera captures high quality megapixel pictures as compared to an analogue camera. The highest number of pixels that can be generated by an analogue camera is 0.4 megapixels, while IP camera produces 10 megapixels.

Setting up of Cameras

Analogue cameras are a lot easier to install as compared to IP cameras. This is because analogue cameras need no special arrangement or understanding of network. However, IP cameras do need the knowledge of networking for small level installations and special technical expertise for large size installations.

Cost of Implementation

IP cameras are more costly as compared to analogue cameras. This is mainly because IP cameras have greater megapixel. However, it is important to see that with high megapixel, IP cameras show a bigger area and one IP camera can perform the functions of numerous analogue cameras. Hence, IP cameras can be quite economical.

IP Camera & Analogue CCTV Camera -Which is a better option?

Both types of cameras serve the purpose of security for both commercial and residential properties. However, when talking about quality and coverage, IP cameras are more effective. On other hand, analogue cameras are more real-world, easy to use and install, and inexpensive. Which option is better, it depends upon the security requirements of your business.

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