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Lean Six Sigma Advantages and the ProSigma Experience

By ProSigma

Lean Six Sigma Advantages and the ProSigma Experience


Lean Six Sigma Advantages and the ProSigma Experience
How can Lean Six Sigma benefit you?

The most pertinent of questions atleast when we start out our careers is whether some knowledge can benefit me and my career path in the short/long run or both !!? So with this let’s explore the answer to this question via some very precise answers …, and also learn how ProSigma can help you with Lean Six Sigma Certification.

Let’s first understand what LEAN is

In simple terms, in the “Lean” philosophy, the goal is to provide the greatest amount of value to your customers while utilizing the least amount of your resources by reducing wasteful practices in any process as much as possible. Many of the Lean tools and techniques in use today were initially developed and popularized by Toyota.

Now, Let’s Understand SIX SIGMA in brief:

In simple terms, Six Sigma is a data driven process improvement methodology which aims to reduce variations (defects) in processes to provide an increase in customer satisfaction, quality and your profits. Six Sigma works for you whether you are a service provider or a products manufacturer. Motorola was the company which coined the term “Six Sigma”; two other early adopters of Six Sigma were GE and Honeywell. Learn practical and proven problem solving business excellence practices when you decide to go for Six Sigma Certifications.

This now brings us to LEAN SIX SIGMA, a methodology where Lean and Six Sigma join forces:

Lean Six Sigma is a methodology which integrates Lean and Six Sigma to achieve business excellence for organizations, and it does so with considerable finesse when in hands of experts like ProSigma. For individuals the right certification can help take careers to the next level.

The Career Boost and Opportunities in Lean Six Sigma:

Your CV is a lot likely to get selected today across a wide gamut of industries (verticals, domains) when you have the right certification and knowledge. With ProSigma’s Lean Six Sigma Certifications you can take a step in the right direction and give yourself a competency/career boost for very reasonable pricing and excellent content and delivery. Checkout the below section which discusses Lean Six Sigma by Industry/Vertical type or contact us to know more if you are still not sure.

Now let’s talk about ProSigma Certifications:

ProSigma is a Leading Provider of Lean Six Sigma Certifications in India, we Exceed IASSC standards and our Lean Six Sigma Certification is Globally Valid, Given for Lifetime and can be Verified Online by any Employers, students can share the certification as an online link @ LinkedIn etc.and

We offer the following programs:

· Free Online Lean Six Sigma White Belt (100% free course with certificate),

· Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt in India,

· Lean Six Sigma Green Belt in Delhi NCR,

· Lean Six Sigma Black Belt in Delhi NCR,

· Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt in India.

ProSigma Online Varsity Advantages:

· Learn From the Best: Our Lead Instructor, also the Founder and CEO of ProSigma, has a 20+ yr. industry experience (top tier quality profiles) personally facilitates programs.

· Learn Stats Software for Free: All our green belt and up programs include practicals with Minitab, Mind-mapping, Advanced Flow-Chart packages and Stats with Excel. No need to pay extra for these. Even our yellow belt includes Minitab intro.

· Real Work Simulations: Our Workshops and Capstone projects simulate real work scenarios. Mock exams further reinforce the learning process.

· Scholarships, Cashbacks and Great Pricing: Quality is not our business it's our Passion so we maintain competitive Pricing, while never compromising on Learning. For paid programs, we have cashback (partial cost refund) plus scholarship (extra discount on next level program) for class toppers.

100% Free & Online Free Online Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certification Perhaps the only Indian Org. with this distinction; Your Certificate gets issued the instant you clear the related exam.

Register with us for your free certification ,,,

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