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Best Practices for Codeigniter Applications Developement

By NCode Technologies, Inc.

10/12/2017 The process of Codeigniter applicationdevelopment is powerful and simple. But failing to follow some basic guidelines can make it intricate. In this post, we list some of the best practices for developing error-free and robust applications on Codeigniter that can make a huge difference to the entire process.
With impeccable HMVC and MVC architecture, modular code base, and high levels of customization, Codeigniter is a robust open source PHP based framework for developing applications. Freedom from restrictive coding and faster application development turnaround time are Codeigniter’s advantages, but developing applications with it can be quite complex, particularly if you fail to follow few guidelines.
So, what’s the solution?
Here we bring you some of the best practices for Codeigniter’s application development that both beginners and proficient Codeigniter developers can follow to develop flawless apps with ease and without experiencing any problem.
1. Select a Project Structure Wisely
You can carry the process of application development in Codeigniter in both MVC and HMVC structure. While MVC is great, HMVC or Hierarchical Model View Controller is simply awesome. You can prepare a customized code for your application that makes it efficient and robust.
2. Check for Coding Standards
Although there is no pre-defined coding pattern that you need to follow, still it is worthy to set a pattern for Codeigniter application development and then work accordingly. This is an efficient practice to make the code more readable and manageable. At the same time, it enhances the realization of the code. Make sure you set high coding standard for your application development.
3. Extending Codeigniter Classes and Libraries as per your Application
Every application is unique and has some customized needs that are necessary to be initiated by each controller. An excellent solution to this issue is to create customized ‘My_Controller’ class that includes all the new settings and controllers on the application. Creating a new controller will ensure that new custom functions are available to you with ease. Similarly, you can also create Codeigniter’s form_validation class and include a couple of new rules such as validation of mobile number, or more.
4. Creating Codeigniter SEO-friendly URL Structures
If you want the process of Codeigniter application development to gain more credibility and exposure online, then it is essential that it must be in line with the search engine algorithms. One core aspect for this is to create SEO-friendly URL structures. It is essential that you optimize the URL structures in Codeigniter according to the SEO norms. One way to do is to separate words using dashes and not underscores. Codeigniter is a powerful routing system and you can use it optimally by optimizing your website URLs for SEO.
5. Using Custom Template Engines
Codeigniter’s template engines and views are very rich and most of the CodeIgniter developers tend to use these views. But if you want to bring maximum advantage to your template engines, then it will be wise if you search for the same over the internet. There are a plethora of template engines available that can be conveniently integrated on CodeIgniter. Also, if you prefer working with PHP, then you can always consider the option of considering PHP’s short tags.
The scripts on template engines are very intuitive and clean. Even they are very much convenient to send data to the views. So, this way it will not just be more lucrative, but more beneficial for your app development process.
6. Ensure that Your Controllers and Models Have Clean Code Lines
Now if you want your application development process with Codeigniter to be a great success then one important trait that you have to consider is to develop clean code lines for your controllers and models. If you are including too many coding lines then this can make the process a lot more intricate to follow and understand. Also, you can practice using helpers and libraries for processing the data. Even, this will make the processing of passing the views from the controllers much more efficient and faster.
7. Integrating JavaScript Libraries
Developing a feature-rich and interactive application is possible only when you include some exclusive and useful elements into it. For this, you can plan including JavaScript frameworks in the application. There are various Javascript frameworks out there and you can consider one that complements well the unique needs of your application.
8. Keep Check of the Safety Element
It is essential to check the web security and web applications can be an easy target to this. So, maintaining Codeigniter Security is essential, which can be practiced by including few secure coding techniques.

Author’s Bio – The author is an experienced web developer and technology geek heading the team of CodeIgniter developers at NCode Technologies. If you are looking forward to owning a versatile and powerful app for your business, then you can always consult these experts at

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