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Kathua Kashmir India Ritual Gangrape by Narendra Modi RSS BJP supporters

By Kathua Kashmir India Ritual Gangrape by Narendra Modi RSS BJP supporters

05/14/2018 By Preeta Singh Chaudhury

New Delhi India April 15 2018. Private human rights investigators have uncovered shocking news about the Kathua gang rape of a 8 year old girl. The findings are even more revolting than the hundreds of ritual rape-murders that occured during the genocide in Gujarat when Modi was chief minister of Gujarat province in India. The RSS organisation in India over the last 20 years has evolved into a feared organisation that routines threatens women with gangrape.

They have also perfected the art of gangrape. The conviction rate is close to zero on these rapes. In Gujarat RSS gangsters ritually gangraped hundreds of women, to the chanting of mantras or verses from Hindu scriptures. Following these sickening ceremonies, all the participants would jointly hack the woman into a bloodied mess using swords and axes and trishuls. Trishuls are ceremonial pitchforks with three points similar to what Satan is popularly represented with in images. This reduces the victim to an unrecognisable mess that has no teeth, no face, no fingers or fingerprints and essentially no skull for forensic experts.

This ceremony is usually accompanied by chanting of Hindu 'mantras' that invoke various dark spirits that give success in battle. Following this the bloody mess that used to be someone's mother and wife and daughter is burnt with petrol, while the RSS men scream slogans of 'Bharat Mata ki jai'. There is no evidence , at least none that any police force in India has the skill or willingness or courage to recover. There are no witnesses, indeed who would dare to oppose such an organisation, that surpasses even Colombian drug gangs! Witnesses and journalists are routinely murdered by RSS killers.

Thousands of homes were burnt which ensured complete destruction of all evidence. Mr Modi who was chief minister of Gujarat at that time ordered his police force to stay off the streets for three whole days while this festival of rape and murder went on unabated. You can find actual footage of these crimes online. His home minister was the infamous Amit Shah who is today the president of the BJP organisation which is a political front organisation of the RSS terror outfit.

Before this rape-fest by the RSS, the entire command structure of the police force in Gujarat was replaced by RSS men. The judges were all replaced by RSS men. No one was hanged for these crimes. For years Mr Modi avoided travel to the United States because of fears of arrest for genocide. Now he is Prime Minister and he has diplomatic immunity he travels around the world smiling benevolently. His smile disguises 97 kilograms of venom, and which is amply illustrated by the events above.

Private investigators have discovered that what happened in Kashmir was more than a gang rape. This was a ritual rape-human sacrifice that was conducted inside a RSS temple. RSS members from the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana and Rajastan from a caste group called Rajputs participated in this macabre ceremony. The 8 year old was ritually raped over a three day period, in the light of oil lamps,in an ancient tantric hindu ritual that ensures Mr Modi's success in the next election.

The entire ceremony was conducted by nude RSS and BJP men wearing 'sacred threads' inside a temple. Following this, at an auspicious moment calculated by the RSS astrologer, this eight year old girl's skull was crushed with a special rock brought from the holy city of Kashi. Her skull blood was then offered to the Hindu temple idol. The entire ceremony requires three human sacrifices and there will probably be two more happening in the Indian states of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh which will complete the 'sacred triangle' and invoke ancient spirits. Once this is completed Mr Modi who is a top leader of the RSS is believed to become undefeatable and will rule India for a thousand years. They believe that "untouchable" religions like Christianity, Buddhism and Islam will be exterminated.

Mr Modi while he is travelling around the world begging for foreign investment and contributions to his organisation,has banned from India the Christian charity 'Compassion International, USA' that was providing education and shelter to poor Indian village girls.

Immediately following this horrific crime lawyers belonging to the well funded RSS organisation organised street protests supporting the rapists to make prevent the criminals from being arrested,claiming they were 'innocent hindus'. They have already threatened the dead child's family with more rapes.

Today the entire country of India lives in terror of the RSS organisation, so effective has been the tactics of murder and ritual rape, no one dares to criticise them. Just like he did in Gujarat, Mr Modi is in the process of replacing the President, Judges, Military commanders and top police officers with RSS members. What WILL happen in the days ahead will be genocide on a scale that has never been seen in history. Unless the world intervenes now and brings this terror organisation to justice, just like ISIS has been brought to justice.

The RSS and BJP get most of their funding from sympathisers in USA and Canada and UK. It is time for the US government also to investigate this criminal group and its backers. Also to be considered carefully is the fact that the RSS terror group which considers Christians and Muslims to be subhumans now has access to India's nuclear arsenal and supports building missiles that can reach worldwide targets.And not to be overlooked in the manner in which RSS leaders in Gujarat have time and again praised the implementation of the Jewish death camps in Nazi occupied Europe as also the death camps in Rwanda.

Send this report to your leaders and elected officials and religious leaders and teachers and police officers and judges and ambassadors and to your friends and to everyone whom you know. Send this to every mother, to every father, to every son and daughter and grandparent. Send this to CEOs who are investing in or outsourcing to India. Send this to all world leaders and Prime Ministers and Presidents. Phone them, fax them, email them, send postal letters. Share this on every facebook and twitter and whatsapp group on this planet. The world needs to make laws that will make all of these crimes prosecutable even from outside India.

Make the world aware what kind of demon has woken up in India. Heed this scream for help and intervene in India. Act now before another 8 year old child screams to death inside a RSS temple. Join this war on evil, no matter what your religion or nationality you must join this fight. Do not stay neutral. Because Narendra Modi's RSS's next victim could be your wife or daughter or sister or mother.

Ever since Narendra Modi became Prime Minister of India, rape has become India's national sport and India has become the rape capital of the world. Mr Modi has become the brand ambassador of rape and murder. And the victims are not limited to Indians. A Latvian woman was cruelly tortured, raped, murdered and her head separated from her body by RSS rapists in Kovalam India. It is time that the world boycotts the Prime Minister of Rapeland and creates an international tribunal to bring justice to India's government supported Modi Rape fest. Not even once has Modi spoken out against rape, and he even advised his fellow leaders to observe what he called the 'art of silence' everytime the media reports a horrific rape and murder event. Boycott Indian companies, close down Indian embassies, try Modi for crimes against humanity in an American court.

Preeta Singh Chaudhury
21 Akashneem Marg
Gurgaon Haryana India
Phone: 2853056

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Kathua Kashmir India Ritual Gangrape by Narendra Modi RSS BJP supporters

By Preeta Singh ChaudhuryNew Delhi India April 15 2018. Private human rights investigators have uncovered shocking news about the Kathua gang rape of a 8 year old girl. The findings are even more revolting than the hundreds of ritual rape-murders that occured during the genocide in Gujarat when Modi…

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