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The Brilliant Benefits of Installing EV Charging Station in Your Company India

By EVteQ

The Brilliant Benefits of Installing EV Charging Station in Your Company India

04/11/2018 Electric vehicle technology has been gaining much popularity and acceptance worldwide. You will definitely see good numbers of EVs on the road, The increasing uses of electric vehicle are inspiring the manufacturers to bring new EV models and thankfully you would be able to choose from Multiple EV models available from different car manufacturers. Anyways, just having an EV is not enough rather you need to ensure that the car charging stations are also available in your area. Several Electric Vehicle Charging stations are setting up. So in case you are planning to buy one, no need to worry about the car charging stations.

Anyways, have you ever wondered of installing an Electric Vehicle Charging station on your business premises? If not, then you should think about it. You can be benefited numerous ways by installing the electric vehicle car charging stations. we have explained that broadly.

As an owner of a company, you can be benefited both the ways, financially and environmentally by installing an Electric Vehicle Charging India station.

Environmental benefit:

This is obvious that electric vehicles are fuel free which is meant to save the environment from polluted gases. By installing a car charging station, you are inspiring customers and employees of your company to buy more and more EV. Thus you are indirectly doing something good for every living being on the earth. Pollution free country is really important to live a healthy and secure life and this can be achieved only through the EVs.

Financial benefit:

You can gain huge benefit by installing an electric vehicle car charging station on your business premises.

  • The first benefit is the advantage Government is providing for installation of charging station. Yes, as part of the EV initiative government provide benefits which you are eligible once you install EV chargers.
  • Secondly, it creates a brand of your business. When you go ahead and welcome the changes broadly, it can encourage the employees and customers greatly. And it also creates a good impression of the business.ยท
  • Thirdly, this idea of installing a car charging station at your business premises will help attract and retain the Customer and talented employees. For example, if the customer / employees of your company have an EV, they can easily charge the car for the period when they are busy shopping or working at your premises. It will eliminate the need of going here and there just to charge the car. Rather car will be charged fully during the hours they are at your business premises. This point acts as a very good trick to retain the good customers / employees.

Complete Charging Electric Vehicle takes at least 60-90 mins in current scenario so any business installing EV chargers gets there customer for at-least this much time, and would be a preferred place compared to others.

So, just invest once in installing a car charging stations and avail the huge benefits of it.

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